Mariana Antinori

About Mariana Antinori

Mariana Antinori represents jewelry from the finest talent in contemporary design. Her personally curated choice of original pieces are created with exceptional quality and include fine, semi-precious and costume jewelry.

An established retailer on Madison Avenue for six years, Mariana's boutique was well-known among connoisseurs. Her shop provided a highly personalized buying experience where visitors found one of a kind original pieces made with exceptional style. The shop introduced New Yorkers to the most stunning of a new generation of jewelry designers unknown in America.

Today as a representative of designers, Mariana continues to maintain her uniqueness and exclusivity by discovering distinctive pieces that others don't. As an insider, she finds jewelry through her extensive network, direct relationships with designers and visits to their factories or studios. This allows her the ability to hand-choose from the most inspired of these designers who are considered artists by the most influential people and fashion experts.