Mariana Antinori

About Mariana Antinori

Understated luxury of the highest handmade quality— this is what ‘Made in Italy’ means to Mariana Antinori. Proud of her heritage and inspired by the genius of her contemporaries, she developed a passion to introduce New Yorkers to the most stunning of a new generation of Italian jewelry and accessory designers virtually unknown in America.

As an insider Mariana Antinori is thrilled to have the opportunity to hand-choose the most inspired of these local favorites, who are savored as artists by Italy’s oldest families and local fashion experts alike. Effervescent, fresh, and eminently tasteful, they bring new excitement to the modern elegance at the heart of Italian style.

A devote of style, Mariana Antinori is descended from 27 generations of a prominent Florentine family. A small world that is long proven elusive to outsiders, she is fortunate to enjoy unique insights into the ethos of Italy’s oldest families, as well as access to their private network of elite designers and craftspeople throughout Italy. Like the bond that passes down between generations of distinguished Italian families, Mariana is deeply connected to each of her talented designers.